Wedding Classics vs. New Hits

Whether you are  getting married this weekend or 16 months from now, your “Must Play” list will consist of a blend of classic party music as well as the latest dance hits.  When pciking the music requests for your reception we suggest keeping in mind what we at Premier Sound refer to as the “Rule of 50″.  Simply put, the number 50 represents the maximum amount of songs the DJ will be able to play during the dancing portion of the evening.  Figure 13-15 songs per hour.  And….  once you begin to compile your list those songs will add up quickly. 

The dance portion of the evening traditionally will consist of a great mix of oldies, slow songs, your favorite party songs from the 70′s, 80′s and 90′s, your favorite songs from the 2000′s as well as the newest dance hits.  When choosing your music requests you’ll want to keep in mind the age and demographics of your guest list.  The goal is to get each guest on the dance floor at least once.  Try choosing songs that will appeal to all ages for the first 45-60 minutes of dancing.  

After that first hour consider who will then be doing the majority of the dancing.  Will it be the wedding party and friends of the bride and groom?  If so, this is a great time to cater the music to that demographic (favorite songs from your high school or college era, for example), as well as the newer dance hits.

Another item to consider is your feelings on group dances…  Classics like the “Electric Slide” are still popular among guests, as well as newer classics such as the “Cupid Shuffle” and the “Wobble”.  Guests tend to enjoy the group interaction of these songs, so even if they are not your favorite you may want to consider still having your DJ play them.

Ultimately the music at your reception will be highly influenced by your song requests.  We are here to share  our opinions, experiences and assist with your song request in any way we can. 


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